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Virtual Pet Planet

Welcome to Virtual Pet Planet! The pets in this world are unique and individual as the owners! Join today-- Oh, wait. This isn't really a virtual pet site, as much as I wish I could make one. It's a web comic, based around a fictional pet game. The main character, Dee the Goat, has just moved to Central Station- the big city, VPP style- to attend the famous Central Arts Academy. His goal is to make the grade and become the best actor that ever lived, but he gets a wake up call upon arriving- everyone has talent here. Watch and see if he'll find what really makes him special! :D (cheesy intro post-OUT)


Happy Birday Hopalong!

It's Aegis' birthdaaaaayyyy~

So I wanted to draw a cool picture of him. Since I hadn't done a lot of character development with him, I decided to do the ages meme! I didn't like the background, so I did my own. It's not amazing either...but whatever.

Anyway, happy birthday aegis! (ironic that the next few pages include him.)

--->My Art
--->Blank Meme

posted by summersserenity @ 13 Jan 2011 04:06 pm  -  1 comments


I have beaten this thing you call "coding" with my superior artist intellect! Haha!

I also got all the pages up, and IN THE RIGHT ORDER, for come reason I kept putting the files in the wrong forms. :C

posted by summersserenity @ 12 Jan 2011 01:29 pm  -  0 comments

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